Old Waste Line Replacement & Repair

Waste lines come in all shapes and sizes due to where it is they're carrying waste from, but one thing is for sure: they're all part of a system that is meant to remove the sewage and wastewater from a source and control the flow of it from one place to another. The entire waste system is commonly called the drain-waste-vent system (DMV). No matter what your personal waste line setup is, it needs to effectively carry your wastewater to a predetermined city sewer line or (if applicable) to a private sewer treatment facility within your city.

Dangers Associated with Broken or Damaged Waste Lines

If the system isn't working properly, you could have a disaster on your hands. Issues could include wastewater backup, burst pipes, ineffective waste removal and more. If you know that there is an issue with your waste line, don't hesitate to call a plumber to assess the problem. Many times, if a is called, further damage can be avoided altogether. It is not recommended to replace a waste line yourself unless you've been formally trained to do so.

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