Correcting Sewer Smell

The distinctive scent of sewage some people smell in their bathrooms can be caused by any number of issues relating to-well, relating to any number of things. But the good news is that it's inexpensive to fix, so if you can't stand to simply mask the smell any longer because it seems to just permeate the bathroom moments after cleaning, it's time to fix the problem for good.

Overview of Fixing Sewage Smell

More often than not, the sewage smell is caused by a faulty U-shaped pipe underneath the sink, called a P-trap. At some point, you've probably identified that that's where the smell is originating from. After wastewater travels from its starting point (whether it be from the toilet, shower/bath or the sink) to the P-trap, if it's working as it should, a slight amount of water should stay in there to prevent the gas smell from reaching the air. If the water isn’t there to block the scent from traveling, though, you get the sewage smell , drifting up and into your home.

Reasons to Call a Plumber

There are instances where it could be something other than a broken or faulty P-trap, though. It could be that the bathroom isn't used very often (guest bathroom), or that there is a leak in the system. Calling a plumbing service is recommended, because they would have the knowledge and experience to pinpoint the issue straight away.

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