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A sump pump is a machine used to remove water from a household's sump basin, and works with a household sewage system. If it's clogged, in a state of disrepair or otherwise broken, wastewater can overflow and initiate flooding. Since most sump pumps are located in the basement, close to your possessions, it's recommended that all sump pumps be replaced if you notice that the pump isn't kicking in or responding in any way when the water level rises. Moreover, old sump pumps should be replaced immediately - especially if they're more than 9-10 years old. The lifespan of even the most sturdily-built sump pump is typically no more than 10 years.

Purchasing a New Sump Pump

If the old sump pump had a good lifespan prior to its breakdown or before it needed replaced, the easiest method is to buy the same model. This will ensure that you're purchasing the correct type of pump; not all sump pumps are built the same.

Submersible sump pump - this type of pump normally sits in a hole underneath the flooring or in the ground. When water levels rise, it rises to a set amount and then the pump powers on, bringing the water out through pipes and away from the house.

Pedestal sump pump - this type of pump, on the other hand, is placed above the water. The only part of the machine that's in the water is called the impeller, or, the part of the pump that pushes the water into the pit below. Many people prefer using a pedestal sump pump because they typically last longer-they're not submerged in water.

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