Bathroom Toilet Plumbing

Hiring a plumber when you need one, whether it's for fixing a serious plumbing problem or for simple leak, is one of the few things everyone can agree upon as a necessity rather than a luxury. Toilet repairs are one of those "necessities", as they are usually a more serious problem, and they often times have to be fixed immediately.

Toilets can harbor a myriad of problems-they can have leaks in any number of places, they can be backed up or clogged, or one of their many parts might need to be replaced. No matter what the problem, though, the Thomas & Sons plumbers can diagnose and repair each and every toilet issue that surfaces.

How does a toilet work?

The single best way to understand how a toilet works involves taking the lid off of the tank, flushing it, and observing. Here's about what you should see:

  • Pushing down on the handle causes the chain to lift the flapper (stopper) valve.
  • Lifting the flapper allows water to flow in the tank through the flush valve opening.
  • The water from the tank will carry wastewater in the toilet bowl through the trap and into the drain.
  • The flapper valve closes when the tank is empty, and the fill valve refills the tank.
  • When the tank is full, something called the 'float ball' shuts off the fill valve.

If there is a problem with of the above parts and how they work together, though, your toilet can stop working properly. That's about when you'll want to call a plumber.

Common Toilet Problems & Repairs

Aside from the parts of the toilet not working properly, many other problems can occur. Things like leaks, clogs and burst pipes should be addressed ASAP.

Keep the following in mind when a toilet issue arises:

  • If you notice standing water on the floor, call a plumber ASAP. Attempt to clog and stop the leak, and clean the water up.
  • If tank water is dripping and it's humid outside, it may be condensation, in which case a plumber might not need to be involved.
  • If the toilet tank is cracked to badly damaged, the toilet may need to be replaced.

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